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A Perfect Seer for the Summer!

Congratulations to Q-SYS on the now-official acquisition of Seervision, a Swiss-based pioneer in AI—driven camera automation software. 

Many folks in the market have been asking about the direction Q-SYS will take with camera AI, and this acquisition accelerates the Q-SYS strategy to 
develop and deliver a  scalable and  

flexible software platform with intelligent audio, video and control technology that supports integration with leading unified communications & video conferencing applications.

Automatic scene perception and person identification

  • Using audio- and vision-based signals, Seervision autonomously triggers specific actions and workflows based on the person’s location in the room. This dynamic scene-understanding technology is unique to Seervision and allows for a truly automated and seamless operation.

AI-assisted camera operation with adaptive full-body detection and tracking

  • Seervision’s advanced auto-tracking recognizes and tracks a subject based on full-body identification, creating a unique visual ID for each detected subject from multiple reference points, increasing reliability and robustness compared to alternative motion-tracking solutions. 
There will be many more announcements regarding pricing and deployment, future iterations, integration, etc. The Farm will keep you up to date with all of these exciting developments!!

If you're in the Bay Area, we are ALSO hosting a Q-SYS Control 201 Training. AND we have 3 seats left. Reserve your spot HERE - space is very limited.

Alright folks, we changed the name. Listen Everywhere is now ListenWIFI. Not that big of a deal. But when you change a name, you probably changed something else, right? YES!!! 

Let’s start with what is the same. The patented technology for low-latency, high quality audio to your smartphone or receiver is still the same. The ability to use your own network is still there. You can still use the same app (it will get updated). 

So what’s new?? Let’s start with the LWR-1050 receivers. These receivers look just like the iDSP and ListenTalk receivers you are familiar with from Listen AND provide both ADA AND international compliance requirements. It’s global, baby! And when used with personal induction neckloops, they are T-coil hearing aid compatible! 

Additionally, we’ve added beacons! The LA-490 Beacon triggers LWR-1050 Receivers and users’ smartphones to tune to a specific audio channel automatically when a person is within a specific range of the unit. They can be configured to communicate via Bluetooth or infrared! 
Lastly, the app can now be configured using ListenWifi Manager, for customization, branding, and creating private or hidden channels! 

So. Much. Farming!

To say that we kidnapped Steve Kawasaki, put him in a van, then made him yell “YES, I’m a Farmer!” for three hours, is well…close to accurate. That said, if you ask him today, he’ll tell you it was completely his decision. Won’t you, Steve. 

We are very excited to have Steve Kawasaki join our team. Prior to joining The Farm, Kawasaki held sales management and leadership roles with audio manufacturers Biamp, Symetrix, Loud Audio, integrator AVI-SPL and broadcast distributor, BSW. Kawasaki began his multi-decade career in the recording studio and live sound. 

Steve is a part of our leadership team and will be working closely with David Lawrence and Tom Mattley to streamline sales processes, build upon our market relationships, all the while slinging your favorite gear! Welcome to the team! 

Fun Fact #606

No Farmer lost a finger over the July 4 th weekend. That said, please let us know if you find Dana Moody.

Did You Miss Infocomm?

If you weren’t able to make it, want information, and/or want to laugh, take a gander at Kelly, Fang, and David for their recap! The Farm Feed Bag YouTube Channel

Fun Fact #795

Upon hearing that John Hood was named a Commercial Integrator AV Living Legend, his wife Marie said, “Great. How about you legend me up a sandwich, legend boy.”

Alright folks, time to break the internet. Let's end the debate once and for all!