FarmFresh – The Farm AV Newsletter – October 2019

– Hit Training Camp with QSC ListenTalk Proves why it’s a Multi-positional Player  – Philips is Officially in the hunt for MVP Barco hits Dingers! – Fun with The Farm! –

QSC Trains you. THEN they train you again

    The boys at QSC Training are back it at! Love the new Premium Business Music Solutions, but don’t know how to configure the software? Yeah, they cover that. Super excited about the new NV-32H Q-Sys Video Switcher, but wondering how it works in Designer? Um, totally have that as well!

QSC MP-M Training

Q-Sys Video 101

ListenTalk Demo

The Swiss Army knife of assisted listening solutions? Or the Superman?It’s an ADA device! It’s a comm system! It’s a tour solution? It’s ListenTalk!Honestly, it’s about time you saw and heard it. If you haven’t received a demo on the ListenTalk 2-way listening system, the time is now. Don’t even worry about asking, because we are bringing it to you! Soon!


Farm Fun Fact


Last month, Robin Carillo announced her groundbreaking sleep aid, MyCarillow. It’s a personalized recording of her telling you that the product you are looking for is in stock and can ship immediately.

People Have Been Asking, Why is the Philips Customer Base Growing So Rapidly?

  • Pricing and Better quality (owned and designed by the largest manufacturer of displays in the world. Our pricing is extremely competitive)
  • Quality (lowest measured failure rate) less than 1%.
  • 3 Year No Hassle Warranty – Best of Breed 3 Year “No Hassle Advanced Exchange Swap and we pay shipping both ways”
  • Android SoC “The Most Powerful SOC in the Industry” – Our open platform Android System-on-a-Chip is available in our Q, D, P and select T-Line display families. A CMS application can be loaded directly onto the display. This reduces the solution/installation costs, less points of failure and reduces the clutter behind the display.
  • – Our website answers question after question.
  • Video Failover – Never suffer from a ‘black’ screen again. If your video signal fails the display switches to another pre-assigned video input, which includes a webpage or content stored on a USB stick. Select models only.
  • Product Availability – High levels of inventory kept in distribution channel
  • Depth of Line (many varieties from 32-98 Inch Commercial & Prosumer) with Smaller 10 & 22 Inch “Power over Ethernet” touch displays if needed.
  • IPS Panel Technology – Best off axis viewing when compared to some competition. This is VERY important when you have customers looking at displays from the side.
  • 24×7 (365 days a year) – Customer Care Center
  • Engineering Support – Out of our Atlanta LAB you will have direct access to this group of professionals
  • Localized Sales Support – Regional Sales Managers to maintain a close relationship and support.
  • Ease-of-Installation – Our commercial grade displays sport a number of small features that add up to make a big difference during an install.
  • Edge alignment kit provides perfect alignment of a menu board array quickly.
  • Smart Insert is a sunken area on the back of the display to mount a media player.
  • Extra AC outlet on the back of the display (on many commercial models) reduces the number of electrical outlets required

Farm Fun Fact


Your favorite football team was just called for targeting, holding, and unnecessary roughness. It’s Tuesday.

BARCO HAS SPIFFS! Click here to find out about them!

IP Audio Babies!

Find out what all the hoopla is about here…


The winner of last month’s poll: "What is the BEST High School elective class?" was Hiding in your car while smoking with 42.5% of the vote.