The Farm Newsletter – FarmFresh 09/20

– VSI lowers their ERA by improving their ROM while setting a new PR – Barco’s UDM has been laser focused on the strike zone lately – QSC’s Q-Sys has a new batting stance that has people watching every at bat – Fun with The Farm –

VSI, USB-C, and Other Exciting Acronyms!

  Visionary Solutions, those amazing guys who put video encoders on spaceships, have announced the release of the PacketAV DUET 2 Encoder and Decoder, the world’s first AV-over-IP endpoints with built-in USB-C connectivity for distributing 4K UHD Video and Dante/AES67 over Gigabit Ethernet.

Boasting significant new updates to Visionary’s acclaimed PacketAV DUET Series, the new DUET 2 encoders and decoders deliver 4K UHD video, Dante/AES67 connectivity and control, all via a single Main Gigabit LAN port.  USB-C connectivity is standard, offering easy connection for sharing media via laptop, tablet, phone, or other USB-C connected devices.  DUET 2 units also offer multiple selectable local input sources with HDMI loop-through, enabling automatic switching between USB-C and dual HDMI input sources via input detect mode, or via programmed control system or web browser.  

  In addition to being a selectable input, the USB-C connectivity enables soft-codec integration via driverless USB 2.0 connection to a PC for web conferencing applications such as Zoom, Skype, Cisco WebEx, and Microsoft Teams.   

  DUET 2 endpoints are also equipped with an Ethernet Expansion port, enabling network connectivity for control and managed IP traffic pass-through to remote devices including projectors, displays, and touch panels controllers. This expansion port also supports Power Over Ethernet (PoE) pass-through to connected devices, such as touch panels.   

  Did we mention that the plug-ins are already in Q-Sys Designer?  Well, we should have.


Farm Fun Fact #811

Skip Godwin is convinced that his Dyson vacuum is stealing from him.  Also, Skip Godwin’s neighbor is stealing from him.

Barco UDM Is Living Large

  We hate to break it to you, but projectors didn’t die.   It turns out larger spaces need larger screens, and budgets don’t always allow for LED walls.  I know, right!  We were shocked too!  And Barco is really good at making projectors.  Like REALLY GOOD.

   The UDM series was created as the “little brother” to the UDX series of projectors that range from 26K-40K lumens.  This little brother offers options from 15K-22K lumens in either native WUXGA or 4K resolutions. 

  The UDM laser-phosphor series uses 3-chip DLP technology and Barco’s Pulse processing.  Pulse is a single step processing method that enables their projectors to perform warping, scaling and 4K UHD processing in only one step.  This results in sharper images, market leading lowest latency, and less dark time than comparable solutions.   Additionally, all UDM and UDX projectors use the same lens options starting a .40:1 on up to 11.2:1.

  We can bring one to you, or your customer.  Give your Farm rep a call.  Tell him/her which one you would like to demo.  We will make it happen!


Farm Fun Fact #709

When Ben Shemuel drives his Prius around Berkeley a shirtless street musician gets his wings.

QSC Expanding Like Waistlines During Quarantine!

Heard about the big reveal?  It’s September 10th!  Have you signed up?  C’mon!

In the John

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Does everyone in America stop and sing Kung Fu Fighting when it’s on the radio?

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