Please Listen Closely as Our Options Have Changed

April 3, 2023

I haven’t complained about big CRM companies for a while. It seems we all of a sudden have bigger things to worry about. The fact that it takes about 75 mouse clicks and 20 minutes to enter an opportunity in the most popular platforms seems to be less of a big deal when hamburger is $20 a pound.

That being said, we have added a bunch of new customers to our RepDonkey platform in the last couple of months. Maybe that’s why all the layoffs are happening at the big CRM outfits. They are afraid of RepDonkey and The Farm. They need to get lean to compete with us. They need to get lean and nimble.  

The Farm has a software company, in case you didn’t know that. I don’t write blog posts complaining about mice for fun. I write them to promote our little software brand. It isn’t huge. We keep about eight coders fully busy working on it. We are different. When you ask us to do something you are asking the people that actually write the code. We don’t say things like, “let me send this to the developers”, which is secret code for, “let me toss this in the bin”.

Some of you have logged into our website before to check a price or maybe download a complete price guide. We do something special there as well. We expose our entire relationship with you there. All the quotes and opportunities we have worked on together are there. All the contact info for our manufacturers is there. Every order you send us, there. AND you can create your OWN quotes with your own “deals” from our factories. All there.

This is pretty significant. Nobody else does this. First off, we serve multiple brands, so the data is pretty meaningful. Some single manufacturer that makes mouse-pads or microphones might have a less interesting portal. You’re probably not checking in on giant mouse-pad opportunities frequently. If you are, please accept my apologies on many levels.

The Farm is a different kind of company. When we need something, we make it. We don’t wait around.   

So sometimes people ask me, “how many people work at The Farm?” I often respond with “I don’t know – maybe twenty-something.” There is a good reason for that. I don’t know. When we kickoff a new initiative, we bring on some folks. We don’t always send out a press release when a new coder joins our team in Hyderabad or we get a new warehouse person in Roseville. I usually find out on Thursday mornings when I try to pronounce their name on a zoom call and everyone laughs at me. Yes. Our team in India laughs. They laugh, have families, drive real cars and are some of my best friends in the whole world. Adi and Umesh have changed our company and are part of our culture.  They are The Farm every bit as much as any of us.

So if you have never logged into our RepDonkey website, please do. And if you work with a manufacturer that has some garbage portal or takes forever to get you a price quote, send them our way, but please listen closely as our options have changed.    

HA! Our options don’t change! It’s just us… even though we do a little more stuff than you might have thought.