Q-SYS In-Classroom Training at The Farmhouse in Bay Area

October 16, 2023


November 14 -15, 2023 | 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM (Prerequisite Material: Q-SYS Level 1)

Building upon lessons learned in Q-SYS Training Level 1, this Q-SYS classroom course gives you hands-on experience, deployment techniques, user control interface creation, advanced paging application and a brief introduction to networking and control. Each student will work on dedicated Q-SYS Core processors and control peripherals. The class conducts a comprehensive troubleshooting exit exam drawn from real installation scenarios. *This class is eligible for 8.0 AVIXA CTS RU.

  • Connect to real Q-SYS hardware
  • User control interface design
  • Advanced Q-SYS processes/concepts
  • Network setup
  • Core-to-core streaming and control
  • GPIO integration