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The Farm Launches Comprehensive Program for Q-SYS Plugin Development

November 1, 2023

The Farm commits to developing exclusive, fully-vetted and certified Q-SYS plugins

The Farm, an industry-leading audiovisual professional services organization, introduces a new comprehensive program for Q-SYS plugin development. Whether you’re a manufacturer who wants to play in the rapidly growing Q‑SYS ecosystem or an integrator developing a solution within it, we’ll get you all the way there – with incredible speed and reliability.

For Manufacturers
Q‑SYS offers a fast-growing marketplace for your product – you simply have to be present in it. That means offering the necessary plugins and API integrations to enable system designers to choose your product in Q‑SYS Designer Asset Manager. No matter how great your offerings are, this is the only way Q‑SYS system designers can spec your product. And The Farm is the best way to ensure they have that choice.

For Integrators
The Farm is a premier Q‑SYS developer partner who can extend your programming bench to improve workflows and broaden your capabilities. Past clients have turned to us to create weather-tracking and voice-to-text Q‑SYS plugins. Whatever your particular need may be, don’t hesitate to access our deep development capabilities for your integration projects. Our team of programmers specializes in all things Q‑SYS and can help speed your solutions to completion faster and more reliably than anyone else.

“Think of The Farm as your Q‑SYS concierge,” says Andrew Stanley, VP of Technical Services at The Farm. “Not only do we develop plugins that welcome you into the Q‑SYS OS, we’re one of the original developer partners for the Q‑SYS ecosystem. Our team will assist you at every stage of the process, from integration request submission to scoping and development, certification/verification, and post-release support.”

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