The Farm Resolutions, 2023 Edition

December 29, 2022

This time we mean it. No messing around here. These are legal and binding New Year’s Resolutions and they will be upheld, executed, and adjudicated to the full extent of the law.  

  1. We will run a 0.5k. Or walk it. Something like that.
  2. The Farm will wear more hats. Our hair seems to just get worse. This year,  more hats.
  3. Take more “Me” time. This year, sometimes, The Farm will just sit around and read a book.
  4. Sign up for It is about time to make up for the horrible 23 and ME experience of 2021.  
  5. Check on our car’s warranty. From what we have been told, it is expiring soon.
  6. Learn how to play a musical instrument. Do you know a good accordion instructor?
  7. Finally watch “Game of Thrones”. Everyone says it’s cool.