Hood’s Travels

March 23, 2020

I know you have all been hammered by folks wanting to offer you “training” at home. These folks are all trying to do the right thing. Help you grow professionally, maybe pitch you on some newfangled gizmos…but their hearts are mostly in the right place.

But even with all that is going on, your time is still valuable. At The Farm, we have had a few internal discussions on how best to deal with this stuff. But we decided ONE MAIN THING. We are not going to test out whatever we are doing ON YOU. We will not be reading you powerpoint slides on a zoom call in our PJ’s. If a Farmer invites you to a training BY THE FARM, it will have real gear hooked up, and it will be utilized on the call itself. But we are taking our time to make certain we do it right.

This is a unique opportunity for us all to get some skills. It is also a unique opportunity to have our precious time wasted. If you are considering participating in some of the training offered by our wonderful factories, maybe just give us a call first. Call your Farm rep and ask “do you think I will enjoy this and learn from it?”. If we are anything here at The Farm, we are frank. We say it. It gets us in trouble. But we say it anyway. So if you want to hear “it”, just pick up the phone. Yes, the phone. We don’t say “it” in writing.

That being said, please give us some feedback on these ideas I have had. I am interested in setting up some calls with BAD audio. Yes. I want to show you what it sounds like when there is too much gain on AEC reference. What it sounds like when you aim the mics wrong. Too many open channels. Show you some bad VIDEO with bad lighting or camera angles. Then fix them.

I want to show what really happens on the far end when I break stuff for you.

If this sounds interesting, we will work on it now. There won’t be CTS credits, or you won’t get a free hat. But you might end up not going back to a jobsite to fix a problem.

Please share back by replying to this newsletter with some ideas of stuff that might be useful and fun…and we will do it.