Using Google DeepMind AI, The Farm AV’s FarmAssist Team Develops FarmTTS (Text to Speech) Q-SYS Plugin to Convert Text to Audio in Real Time

October 26, 2022

ROSEVILLE, Calif., – The Farm AV FarmAssist technical services team developed FarmTTS, a text-to-speech plugin using Google DeepMind AI, for the Q-SYS cloud audio, video, and control platform.

The converted text can either be entered during the programming phase and triggered for conversion in runtime (fixed announcements), or the text string can be dynamically generated and converted as a dynamic announcement. Using Google’s DeepMind AI technology, the FarmTTS plugin configuration provides users with the ability to select between several different male or female voices, adjust the speed and alter the pitch.

“The FarmAssist team is always challenging themselves to try something new – something that nobody else is doing,” explains VP of Services at The Farm, Andrew Stanley. “We’re a humble team so we usually don’t make a big fuss about our solutions but this one was way too much fun not to share – and it serves a purpose.”

Applications include conference room greetings, emergency evacuation announcements, courtesy announcements, transportation arrival/departure announcements, audible status reports, and more.

Stanley adds that FarmTSS alleviates the need to record, edit, upload, and maintain audio clips to the Q-SYS Core making this plugin worth the effort. Users simply drop the plugin into designs from the Asset Manager in Q-SYS Designer or download the plugin on our website.

For more information, please contact Kelly Perkins at or by phone at 612-298-7688.