Blog Fun Fact or Fiction?

As we all know, it’s become difficult to find accurate information these days. Where do you go for the real truth? Who can be trusted? Is there an outlet to find honest facts that might be... Read More

Blog Racism, E-Waste and a Fried Bologna Sandwich

I went to lunch with my new friend Joshua T. Smith (of Improve Your Tomorrow) recently. We went to a nice white-tablecloth kinda place. The kind of place with a special lunch wine-list. Joshua... Read More

News The Farm and Coitcom Partner for San Francisco-Based Food and Delivery Firm’s Office Expansion

Bay Area-based audiovisual integrator, Coitcom, reached out to The Farm’s FarmAssist team to get some commissioning support for a Q-SYS project at a major online food and delivery firm’s new... Read More

News, Press The Farm Grows FarmAssist Technical Services Division By Developing Talent In-House

The Farm showcases its commitment to attracting new talent to the AV industry by bringing in new-to-the-industry AV programmers and field engineers. Romeo Garcia and Dustin Gay are two of the latest... Read More

News, Press The Farm’s Andrew Stanley in Commercial Integrator Magazine

Andrew Stanley, VP of Technical Services sits down with Dawn Allcot of Commercial Integrator Magazine, the premier professional AV magazine in the U.S., for a special article titled: 9 Emerging... Read More

Blog Slap It on The Wire

I spent a few years representing some mass notification products. I sold software that worked with VOIP phones (remember them?) and various types of networked end points like desktop computers... Read More

News, Press The Farm Launches Comprehensive Program for Q-SYS Plugin Development

The Farm commits to developing exclusive, fully-vetted and certified Q-SYS plugins The Farm, an industry-leading audiovisual professional services organization, introduces a new comprehensive program... Read More

Blog Expectations vs Reality in AV

I spend most of my days in Silicon Valley. We work with all the tech companies you have apps for on your phone right now. We work with them to help them have great meetings about how people can edit,... Read More

Blog From Football Field to Farm Field

A guest blog from FarmAssist AV programmer Jesse Richmond Working in an NFL stadium was a lot like playing the game itself, a journey filled with unity, moments of excitement, and challenges to... Read More

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