News, Press The Farm AV Names George Seruset and Sean Murphy as Regional Service Managers for FarmAssist Service Division

The Farm AV announces the appointments of George Seruset and Sean Murphy as regional service managers for its FarmAssist Services division. Seruset and Murphy oversee throughput and project flow of... Read More

Blog Lemon Squeezy

While meeting with an integrator the other day, we were talking about an upcoming project at a medium-sized business. They needed a hybrid system for a tech company’s all-hands space that also... Read More

Blog On This Day

It is arduous to find something to write about that doesn’t make me mad. Everything on the news, every email from a factory, any text message from Southwest Airlines about my flight –... Read More

News, Press The Farm AV Announces Rep Expansion of Leon Speakers and Salamander Designs to the Rockies

Effective July 16th, the Farm AV began representation of Leon Speakers and Salamander Designs in Colorado, Utah and Wyoming. “Audiovisual technology is now mission-critical everywhere,” explains... Read More

Blog Maybe You Can Help?

 I’m searching for a new name for what my company does. Many of you reading this experience my company in different ways. We do a lot of stuff. Most of you know me as a... Read More

Blog Look Mom! I’m a Motivational Speaker.

I mention the fact that I have had this job for 27 years frequently. Sometimes it seems like forever….and sometimes it feels like I am just getting started. Now is one of those magical... Read More

Blog A Moment of Reflection

It was around 1990. My customer, Anatole, came into the music store to buy an amplifier. He wanted a Crown MicroTech 1200. Great amp, by the way. Rock solid amp….at least that is what my rep... Read More

Blog Service in the New Sales

Service is the New Sales I’ve sat through my share of keynote speeches and presentations. They usually begin with the speaker laying out his or her unique qualifications or expertise in the... Read More

Blog The Network is the New Table

Years ago in this forum I was pretty vehement about the conference room table. It seemed to me that this magical piece of furniture had lost it’s way. It is my understanding that the humble... Read More

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