FarmFresh • The Farm Newsletter • October, 2023
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  •  The Farm hits a homerun with FSR  •  Visionary switches up the lineup to favor the team's power hitters  •  Playing small-ball with the FarmAssist squad  •  Can Q-SYS three-peat?  •  Fun with The Farm  •  A Fowl Poll  •  In The John  • 

Hello Again!

FarmSR? FSRm? Maybe just go with FSR and The Farm!  

Yes, it’s true, The wonderful folks at FSR have asked The Farm to support their efforts in the Pacific Northwest!  So, effective September 15, 2023, The Farm AV began representation of FSR in Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington.

FSR manufactures a wide variety of signal management and infrastructure solutions for the pro AV and IT industries including floor, wall, table, and ceiling connectivity boxes and wireways, as well as a full line of interfaces, distribution amplifiers, matrix switchers, seamless scaling switchers and HDBaseT signal delivery solutions.

“Our brief time apart from FSR was not our best time,” says CEO and President of The Farm, John Hood. “Their graciousness and generosity in taking us back after the monumental mistake we made tells you just what kind of people make up FSR. Nothing makes me prouder than to represent the FSR brand in any way they let us.”

Configuration for the Masses

Network thingies are awesome. You just put a category cable in the back, or front, or bottom, and boom you’ve networked your thingy! But then you add more and more and more to the network. Then the new IT guy says you need to make a bunch of IP address changes or get the serial numbers for all your thingies.  

Most of the time it’s hard to get all that data easily, let alone make wholesale changes to all the thingies. That is, unless you want to spend a bunch of money (spoiler alert: you don’t).

That’s why the Mass Configuration Tool from Visionary is brilliant, awesome, and easy to use. Find a single Visionary decoder on the network, go to it’s IP address, and click on “MassConfig.” From there you can see every single Visionary endpoint on the network. If you export that to a .CSV file, you can then make changes offline, including names, IP addresses, IP mode, and all other configurable parameters.  Then upload that new .CSV file back to that decoder, and you’ve done it! All of your thingies are updated!

For those wondering, and you know who you are, you don’t have to enable Mass Configuration. If you do, just do it on one of your decoders. Don’t tell anyone which one it is, but please use a real cool device password, like “thingie.”

Small Doses That Are Potent

Fun Fact #884

Kim Naves hates it so much when people touch her cat that she named it “Rabies”.

Q-SYS Training is in Your Future!

Are you going to the Rocky Mountain AV Expo or plan to be in Denver that week? If so, there is some fantastic Q-SYS Jumpstart Trainings on 10/18 and 10/19. Whether you are new to Q-SYS and want basic sales training, you’re a design engineer looking for technical information, or a programmer looking for better ways to make a UCI, we have multiple classes available!
See here for the details! 

Interested in full Level 2 or Control 201 training? The Farm and Q-SYS will be hosting both of those classes at the new Q-SYS Experience Center in Austin, TX. The Level 2 training will be held on 11/28-11/29 and the Control 201 will be 11/30-12/1. Here are more details about the location and logistics.  Since we are hosting it, we haven’t published the registration page publicly.  If you or your team members would like to attend, please reach out to your Farm rep today to get the registration link and get on your way to being more Q-SYS smarter-er!

Mersive Just Works!

Fun Fact #57

During his interview with The Farm, Chris Lambert said “I could be a Swiftie” no less than 6 times.

Settling the debate once and for all! Do you...

Last month, it was almost an even split as almost half of our readers would return 5k if they found it where as a little over half would keep it and spend it! We know who you are...