FarmFresh • The Farm Newsletter • November, 2023
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  •  The balls aren't juiced but JUICE GOOSE is  •  LISTEN TECHNOLOGIES literally gets hits in every park  •  A new MVP candidate: UNCLE JESSE makes it a Full Clubhouse •  Can Q-SYS cover any base? The answer is YES!  •  Fun with The Farm  •  A Fowl Poll  •  In The John  • 

Goose Your Core!

Spikes, surges, brown-outs, black-outs, and other line-voltage anomalies. Ugh. They suck. Well, it turns out processors really hate them too. That’s why your Q-SYS Core needs the Juice Goose SCV series of on-line, double conversion UPS’s. True, double conversion UPS architecture completely buffers connected loads from incoming disturbances on AC line and neutral. 

This design also provides unconditional voltage stability regardless of problems on the local utility grid. They operate connected equipment from the batteries 100% of the time to provide clean, high-quality power and to fully protect mission critical devices such as AV controllers and processors, digital consoles, teleconferencing systems as well as communication, security and data processing equipment. Batteries provide a buffer to prevent even slight power disturbances from passing through the UPS.

Advanced processor circuitry has an output power factor of 0.90 to provide higher performance and efficiency to critical applications. High efficiency circuitry converts 90% of available current (amps) into real work (watts), reducing equipment and operating costs.

The purpose of the SCV 10001 is not just to provide back-up power, it’s also to completely buffer your Core from incoming disturbances on AC power. Don’t let poor power conditions, including brown-outs cause any problem to your Core! Call your Farm rep today!

ALS Compliance - Do it for 'Merica!

Folks, here are two things we know:

  1. There are a lot of people with hearing loss.
  2. There are laws that support them.

    Sign up for the latest Listen ADA compliance webinar
    to learn more about those you are helping and how you can adhere to the law to do so.

From Pigskin to Pig Pen - Our Uncle Jesse

Check out a very special guest blog from FarmAssist AV programmer Jesse Richmond on how he went from running the AV at Levi’s Stadium – home of the San Francisco 49ers – to joining the FarmAssist team at The Farm. 

The Farm Does Q-SYS Plugins!

We’re your one-stop-shop for Q‑SYS plugins. Whether you’re a manufacturer who wants to play in the rapidly growing Q‑SYS ecosystem or an integrator developing a solution within it, we’ll get you all the way there – with incredible speed and reliability. Because nobody creates Q‑SYS plugins like we do. 

Learn more here!

Fun Fact #554

The Farm's Matthew Jensen dressed as a sexy vape pen for Halloween, then stood on a busy neighborhood street corner. He was arrested on multiple charges. 

Q-SYS is Activating!

Join the live launch event as we explore a vision of the future where AI, AV technology and the Q-SYS Platform come together to redefine what’s possible.

Fun Fact #87

The weather is turning in the Mountain West again so it's that time of year when The Farm's Don Heisler wears TWO short sleeve shirts instead of one.

Episode 15 of Flip the Scrip is LIVE!

Special guest Denny McDougald of AVI Systems joins us to talk rich people stuff, The new Farmhouse Showroom, Denny's cool installs, PSY popping out of a stage, a little about Sean Murphy and some very interesting final thoughts (Kelly, again, makes David M. blush). Watch Now!

Does your toilet paper unroll from over or under the roll?

Last month, 83% of our readers put their socks on first and then their shoes. For the 17% that do it the WRONG way by puttin' on one sock then one shoe and repeat, we know who you are and we have reported you to the authorities!