FarmFresh • The Farm Newsletter • June, 2023
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Inforlandocomm – AVIXA in the Swamp!

Maybe you’re going to InfoComm next week, maybe you’re not. Either way, The Farm has you covered…in sweat. If you are going and haven’t set up time to meet with us in Orlando, please do so soon! Here’s what to look for at the show from our amazing partners, and what to ask your Farm rep about over the next month!   

  • Q-SYS Experience - CLICK HERE to reserve a spot or get a stand-by ticket to this multi-scenario demonstration of the power of Q-SYS. 

  • Farm Presentation at Q-SYS booth #3861 on Wed 6/14 @ 12 PM Enhancing the Power of Q-SYS Through Endless Plugin Opportunities 
    • The Farm Presents…The Farm! Our Andrew, Fang, and Kelly will provide some background on how FarmAssist came to be and how we became the champions for Q- SYS that we are today! We’ll discuss the FarmWAN (weather alert notification), the FarmTTS (Text-to-Speech) as well as the endless possibilities the Q-SYS ecosystem offers. If you’ve ever wanted a chance at a Farmed and Dangerous T-shirt, this is it!

Fun Fact #88

An anagram for Orlando is Landoor. According to Urban Dictionary a landoor is used to describe someone who loves to suck armpits.

  • Expect More Immersive Projection. See a BIG 21:9 format screen in our Acumen XL case. Feel yourself drawn in by this ultrawide format and see the ambient light rejecting power of the TecVision XH900 X ALR viewing surface!
  • The TecVision XT1600X White viewing surface has been receiving rave reviews for increasing image brightness without hot spotting or color shift! We’ll show it off on a 16:10 – 86” diagonal Clarion with Veltex frame. 
  • AV Mounts and Structure (AVMS)! Customized video wall mounting structures! New scissor lifts! 
  • Happy Hour! Join us for beer and wine during Happy Hour, Thursday, June 15, from 3-5. Stop by booth 3101 to RSVP!

  • Introducing Solstice 6!! We are making it easier than ever for users to share content from any device to any Solstice-enabled display while also making it more intuitive for the integrator to install. 
  • An expansion of digital signage capabilities through a completely customizable webpage that can be interactive and dynamically responsive through the use of occupancy sensors or even API calls.

Visionary – Booth 3761

  • The 5 Series in the flesh! All new products that are 4K60 4:4:4 while still standard PoE! Impossible, you say? Heck no!

  • Listen is 25! Join us to celebrate our silver anniversary! 
  • A new product? A new ADA-compliant product? A new ADA-compliant product that spans multiple applications and industries? So many things to say yes to! 
  • One way to celebrate our anniversary is to come to our “Beer and Gear” event Thursday, June 15, from 3-5 p.m. at the Listen Technologies booth (2961). All are invited to visit the booth for a beverage, conversation, and demonstrations of Listen Technologies’ solutions.

Fun Fact #795

The Farm is sending eight team members to Orlando for InfoComm, which happens to be the same number of times a day John Hood will make “swamp crotch” references.

  • We can’t stop talking about the Tonecase FIT UniversalIt makes every all-in-one or multiple piece UC solution look elegant! Why wouldn’t you want? Come see it!

  • The AC6 Adaptive Series Column Loudspeaker is a unicorn in the audio world. A vertical coverage that is completely software customizable, in a column format that is superb in both intelligibility and musicality. Look for multiple accessory options for creative and durable mounting, stacking, and hanging these products! 
  • CONSULTANTS! You are invited to Cocktails in the Tropics with EAW on Wednesday from 7-9 pm at Bahama Breeze Island Grill. RSVP HERE!

NEW Microsoft TEAMS Room Experience with 105-inch Jupiter 21:9 display 
  • Strut Wall Stand that features an ultra-low-impact installation with no wall construction or down time, the modular design supports video displays while securely concealing small electronics, computers and cables.  
  • Scott Discotto, dear friend and Salamander sales pro, will be teaching CTS-accredited class on Tuesday, 6/13, from 11 am-noon titled, “Designing Turnkey, Flexible and ADA Compliant Meeting Spaces with Salamander Designs.” Details HERE
  • Just announced, we Philips will be launching a new line of Ultra HD, ultra-low energy dvLED displays and a TAA compliant command center!!!
  • On exhibit will be the Philips L-Line 6000 series, designed for 16:9, 21:9, and 32:9 display walls 
  • Look for new digital signage, interactive displays, and AV software for multiple markets!
  • Get on the Bus! We don’t know what this means, but we’re excited! 
  • Want big and BRIGHT? Try the NEW Titan 41000 and the M-Vision 27000 (the brightest single-chip DLP projector in the known universe!) 
  • Want SMALL and bright? Cramped quarters? DP will be showcasing new MLS projectors for small spaces. This modular, two-piece configuration includes a projector chassis that weighs just 42 pounds and is 83% smaller than its original integrated design. Connected to the projector head via fiber optic cables, the laser light can be located as far as 330 feet away where its noise won’t interfere with the viewing experience. Super cool if you haven’t seen it yet!
  • DiGiCo has the NEW Quantam852 mixing console AND YOU CAN GET YOUR HANDS ON IT at InfoComm. 
  • Want to see the rest of the Quantum, SD and S series products?? They are there as well!!
  • The latest in IP-based power sequencing and control! 
  • Learn about the JG Series private label program!