FarmFresh • The Farm Newsletter • January, 2024
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Salamander Keeps Farming!
With the New Year comes new things!  The Farm is proud and honored to announce that we are representing the one and only Salamander Designs and their commercial product line in Southern California, Arizona and Southern Nevada. We are now your Salamander source throughout the Western USA! 

As many already know, Salamander designs innovative, specialized furniture systems that are shaped by your needs.

Their team matches your high-tech electronics with personalized carts, stands and furniture that allows users to derive maximum benefit of each technology.   

Better yet, they have given users the ability to design and demonstrate their own ideas by adding Arc Table Designer and Cabinet Designer tools to their website.  If you build a credenza in their configuration tool, you can even export an entire bill of materials! All of this in an effort to maximize efficiency and make the ordering process easier.

Thank you, Salamander, for your continued confidence.  We look forward supporting the SoCal/SW market in 2024 and beyond. 

Fun Fact #109

The Farm’s Pat Birch plays golf every Saturday morning. For perspective, that’s 13 miles of missed putts in a calendar year.


Farm Feeding Frenzy!

When you combine a top-tier integrator, food delivery, and The Farm… you get a top-tier integrator, food delivery, and The Farm. But you also get technology awesomeness!!!


San Francisco-based audiovisual integrator, Coitcom, reached out to The Farm’s FarmAssist team to get some commissioning support for a Q-SYS project at a major online food and delivery firm’s new Seattle office.

Coitcom and the FarmAssist team had previously collaborated at the clients’ San Francisco headquarters. And with a partially remote team in the Pacific Northwest, Coitcom Design Engineer, Tazeem Siddiqui, needed some extra hands onsite. He brought in Sean Murphy of FarmAssist to help with a one-day commissioning project for an All-Hands space. A few months later, the project was ready for Phase 2 deployment. 



Certified Sales Certification!

Are you in sales? Do you sell Q-SYS? Are you certified? 

Are you a professional? Dude, if you’re not a Q-SYS Certified Sales Professional, then what are you even doing? I mean, dude. Dude. 

Get certified! It doesn’t take that long and will REALLY help you articulate the value of the Q-SYS platform. Articulate means explain. In words. To others. Anyway, do it! 

Fun Fact or Fiction?

As we all know, it’s become difficult to find accurate information these days. Where do you go for the real truth? Who can be trusted? Is there an outlet to find honest facts that might be difficult to read, but need to be said? And as a bonus, are these facts enjoyable? 

You already know the answer. It’s the Farm. It’s our Fun Facts. Take a minute to review this years hard-hitting journalism from people who may or may not take things seriously…
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Fun Fact #544

According to the oddsmakers, Kelly Perkins is more likely to catch a football during the college football championship than she is to actually watch the college football championship.

Is Ryan Seacrest tired of it being 'Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve'?

Last month, 69% of our voters say the worst rendition of White Christmas is by ANY country artist. We agree...partner! 😉 Thanks for voting!