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 •  Infocomm is where all the big hitters find their zen  •  Find your seats quick & easy  •  The newest Dynamic Duo everyone's talking about: Shure & Neat  •  Joel Hall is so good, he can switch hit during the same at bat?!  •  Fun with The Farm  •  A Fowl Poll  •  In The John  •

Let’s Go to Vegas So Things Make Sense!

Okay fine. No one has ever said that in the history of ever. But let’s try it anyway! We understand if you have questions about The Farm these days. Are you my rep? Are you Starin? Is Hood still pretending to know AV? What about the newsletter? (please don’t touch the newsletter!) 

We get it and we want to answer those questions. We want to show you that we’ve doubled down on some of our partnerships.

We’ve also created new ones. Let’s talk about our services and how they can and will continue to be available for your team. Heck, we will even explain the value of the global network of companies that is Midwich. 

If you haven’t talked to your Farm rep and you’re going to InfoComm, make sure to block off some time to talk. Meet up at booth C8022 and get the story right from the horse’s mouth! (We are the horse).

What’s Where Next Week?!

Want to know where to see us and our stuff? What’s in the West Hall vs the Central Hall? Here are your answers!

Fun Fact #702

The Farm’s Jacob Maxwell has created a new blockchain cryptocurrency specifically built for over-the-counter contraception called “Diaphragm.”


Shure and Neat! Shure and Neat!

It almost made too much sense! Take an industry-leading video meeting bar and augment the entire room with industry-leading ceiling microphone technology AND DSP. Or add wireless mics and ceiling speakers!! 

The new partnership between Shure and Neat is a true game-changer. Now we can utilize the advantages of the Neat Bar Pro, such as auto-framing, zoom, tracking, as well as the patented Neat Symmetry feature. At the same time, we can do all of that in larger, more acoustically challenging spaces by utilizing the Shure Microflex Ecosystem! Add the MXA902 integrated ceiling microphone/loudspeaker, or the MXA920 ceiling mic AND MXN5W-C network loudspeaker, then include the P300 audio conferencing processor, and you’ve a consistent and highly scalable solution!

Did I mention this is all certified for Zoom Rooms? 

Make conferencing easy, reliable, and crystal clear. Make the Shure and Neat partnership YOUR go-to solution. If you have any questions or want to learn more, talk to your Farm rep today! Or Go Here!


Fun Fact #260

Steve Kawasaki shows up to InfoComm every year with two sports coats, three pairs of pressed slacks, one stainless steel folding comb, three large Gobstoppers, one bag of herbal tea, two Sonicare toothbrushes, zero regrets, and a penchant for being the most attractive man at every meeting.

Did you wake up this morning with a Joel Hall at your company?

We did. It was amazing. 

More to come from the greatest human in the business…

Read about our favorite AV pro HERE!

InfoComm Pro Tips From an InfoComm Pro!

Is it rude to lean your seat back on an airplane?

Last month there was a glitch in the matrix and our Fowl Poll was included in the latest Gardening Monthly newsletter instead of FarmFresh... we'll do better. Can we borrow a trowel?
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