FarmFresh • The Farm Newsletter • July, 2024
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 •  The Farm hits for the cycle... again!  •  How Neat & Microsoft turn two  •  On base percentage has never been higher for FSR  •   Fun with The Farm  •  A Fowl Poll  •  In The John  •

Celebrating 100! 

That’s so much news. We should have made 50 and then apologized for making too many. But here we are. Because you keep opening the damn thing. You know what? We blame you. It’s your fault we keep doing this. So. pat yourself on the back, or raise a glass, or curse our names…because Farm Fresh is 100.

I Don't Know Why You Say "Goodbye" When I Say "Hello"!

Friday, June 30th was our last day with QSC. We had been their manufacturers’ rep for longer than any other. We were also the last firm representing QSC in the U.S. I am quite proud of the work QSC and The Farm did together over the 23-plus years we worked as a team. Read the entire article here!

Bay Area Neat Freaks! Come to Mountain View!

Neat and Microsoft have teamed up to provide a deep dive into AI-powered solutions. On July 23 rd , come to the Microsoft Silicon Valley Campus in Mountain View, CA to see how they are utilizing AI in Neat hardware and Microsoft Teams to improve the meeting and collaboration experience.

Fun Fact #109

David Lawrence has a pet carrot that cheats on him.

FSR Wrote The Book on InfoComm!

It’s time to give credit where credit is due. FSR did a super cool thing that didn’t involve the actual cool things they make? Well, it includes the cool things, but they didn’t use them to make this cool thing. Ugh, I’m making this harder than it needs to be. Take a look at their book!

Fun Fact #6

John Hood never learned to multiply his 7’s. That’s why he secretly gets excited when football teams go for 2.

Have you ever seen a travelers check?

Last month in a SHOCKING poll result. 53% of our voters agree that it is NOT rude to lean your seat back on an airplane...WTAF?! Remind us not to frequent your flyer. 😉