Blog Rooted in Values

While working for a previous employer, our CEO had the entire organization go through a “Values” exercise. At the time, there were about 500-ish employees spread across the country. The exercise... Read More

Blog Farmificial Intelligence

Everyone has been asking. I guess it is one of the worst kept secrets in the industry. We at The Farm have been developing new tools to serve our channel partners. We have done plugins for Q-SYS. We... Read More

Blog The Scope Creep

I had an idea for a comic strip. Maybe a comic book, but my attention span might only allow for the strip thing. My hero is more of an anti-hero. The Scope-Creep is a dude that drives... Read More

Blog What Does “Trade Only” Mean?

When I went to my first “safety meeting” at O’Sullivan’s bar in Newark CA with my friends from Avidex, it was abundantly clear that these were just my friends. We work... Read More

Blog Crunchy and Delicious

Last night, I laid in bed thinking about pickles. The company that I worked on for my entire adult life had just been acquired by an international conglomerate, and I thought about pickles. Maybe not... Read More

Blog Team. Not Teams.

Most of my happiest memories surround youth sports. I can remember like it was yesterday. It was the first practice of my last year of Little League Baseball. We dumped out the gear bag in the... Read More

Blog Fun Fact or Fiction?

As we all know, it’s become difficult to find accurate information these days. Where do you go for the real truth? Who can be trusted? Is there an outlet to find honest facts that might be... Read More

Blog Racism, E-Waste and a Fried Bologna Sandwich

I went to lunch with my new friend Joshua T. Smith (of Improve Your Tomorrow) recently. We went to a nice white-tablecloth kinda place. The kind of place with a special lunch wine-list. Joshua... Read More

Blog Slap It on The Wire

I spent a few years representing some mass notification products. I sold software that worked with VOIP phones (remember them?) and various types of networked end points like desktop computers... Read More

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